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June 2021
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Traceability request API returns

  • The contact history of the customer (for the provided customer ID) within the selected time range.
    • All the message extensions
    • All the customer responses
  • The supporting decision logic behind each message extension in the above contact history
    • Qualification rules that are evaluated and passed
    • Targeted Channel and Interaction Point

The rule outputs contain a pair of the serialized structure (JSON object) and user-readable structure (JSON). Serialized structure contains everything that is required about the rule and its related metadata; the user-readable structure is a subset of the serialized structure, which is easily consumable by the user or other interfacing systems.

The output of traceability request API returns conditions used in the qualification rules and these conditions are represented by specific operators.

This table elaborates the values for the valueOperatorCd field in a criteria plan.
Operator Description
EQ Equals
NE Does Not Equal
SW Starts With
NSW Does Not Start With
EW Ends With
NEW Does Not End With
C Contains
NC Does Not Contain
MA Matches
LE Is Less Than or Equal To
GE Is Greater Than or Equal To
LT Is Less Than
GT Is Greater Than
PD X Days Ago or More
FD X Days Ago or Less
FM X Days In Future or More
FL X Days In Future or Less
DM Day of Month Is
between Between
EM Is Value Empty
NEM Is Value Not Empty
NMA Does Not Match
MY Month Is