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June 2021
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Lookups are metadata which enable the application to provide lists of business descriptions to users when building filter criteria on columns containing only code values. Lookups make the process of creating filter criteria much easier so it is recommended that you set them up before creating rules, although they can be added at any time.

For example, Lookups could be set up to provide lists of Product Descriptions, Transaction Types, Customer Demographics, Countries, or other Geographic regions.

  1. Select "" > Configuration > Lookups.
  2. Do one of the following:
    Option Steps
    Create a lookup
    1. Select Create New.
    2. Select a database Connection.
    3. Select a Source database, Source table, and Source column. Use this column in your Filter criteria, which should contain the code values for which the Lookup provides descriptions.
    4. Select a Lookup database and Lookup table.

      This table is the Lookup table, which may be a Table or View.

      These fields must be populated before the remaining Lookup fields are selected.

    5. Select the Lookup ID column, Lookup description column, Lookup sort column, Lookup filter column, and Lookup filter value. These details specify the columns in the Lookup table that are used.
    6. Select Create New Lookup List.
    Update a lookup
    1. Select "" > Edit.

      Select "" to search for a lookup item.

    2. Modify the Connection, Source fields, or Lookup fields.
    3. Select Save Lookup List.
    Delete a lookup
    1. Select "" > Delete.
    2. Select Delete to confirm the deletion.