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Criteria determine whether a customer is eligible to receive particular messages. If criteria determine that a customer is ineligible for the messages, then Vantage CX does not include those messages in subsequent processing and arbitration scoring.

Users must have authorization to create criteria. Some users may be able to apply criteria but not create them.
Examples of how criteria can be used include the following:
  • Determining customer eligibility for an offer:
    • Does not already own the product
    • Value is at least medium
    • Has good credit
  • Categorizing a contact:
    • Not calling to complain
    • Talking with an agent with sales experience
  • Preventing redundant offers:
    • Has not rejected the offer in the last 60 days
    • Has not seen any related offers in any channel in the last week

Vantage CX criteria include both the past session data and the current session data when evaluating contact history. Earlier versions did not include the current session when evaluating contact-history criteria.

Contact-History Criteria Evaluation
While session 1 is in progress    
  Transpired data from the active/current session Data from past sessions
What gets considered as "contact history" (for frequency, recency, etc.) Yes Yes
After session 1 expires and session 2 starts (for the same customer)    
  Transpired data from the active/current session (session 2 is not the active session) Data from past sessions (session 1 is not a past session)
What gets considered as "contact history" (for frequency, recency, etc.) Yes Yes
The following are key points for current-session-based logic:
  • If the criteria is defined using "in this session" selections, only current session activity is the reference for data recency, frequency, and so on. (Past sessions are not considered.)
  • If past sessions and current sessions data should be considered, do not use explicit in this session conditions.