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Use Analytical segments to take action against a particular segment, based on specific event. You can use the segments in a specific customer list. For example, you can create a dynamic list of customers based on their event behaviors and engage with them via the appropriate channels.

To get the most actionable insights and to figure out what event data to provide, first define the following:
State the problem that needs to be solved. Specifically state the situation to review that effects the company.
Convert the Problem into a Question. Begin the question with, "What actions or events are causing...?"
State the tangible positive result you hope to see by addressing the Problem and answering the Question.

The following table provides an example of how these questions might be answered.

Issue Description
Problem Customers are canceling their service.
Question What actions or events are causing customers to cancel their service?
Goal To identify customers who are likely to cancel their service and proactively consider a solution.