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June 2021
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  1. Select "" > Real-time decisioning > Channels.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Provide the initial details.
    • Name and Keyname can be the same, but must be unique within message strategies and channels..
    • Description is optional.
    • Do not select Delivery channel.
  4. Select Create.
  5. On the Details page, complete the Advanced Options:
    Option Description
    Imply Extension Selecting this box tells the system that once a message is delivered to the channel, it should be assumed that the message was actually extended to the customer. If a person other than the customer is involved clear this box.

    When Imply Extension=False, the channel needs to explicitly tell Vantage CX that the offer was extended.

    When Imply Extension=True, the channel automatically implies extension when returns an offer.

    For additional information, see Imply Extension Examples.

    Load Profile data for every targeted message or send data request Select this box to tell the system to load profile data for every targeted message or send data request.

    Ensures that the most current information is collected from the profile source when a customer interaction starts and a targeted message or API is called. See Vantage Customer Experience API Guide.

    Decision only This feature is used when all of the data to make a decision is included in the request and the decision does not need to rely on profile, contact history, or anything else in the database to make a decision. It allows the system to perform at its highest, most efficient level because it’s only using data from the request to make the decision,
    When selected, the system does not do the following:
    • Read from Customer Profile or Third-Party Profile tables
    • Read or write to the Contact History
    • Execute pre-decision, post-decision, and notification scripts
    Timeout Number of milliseconds before Vantage CX stops processing.

    Used to determine which messages to send to the channel and sends all messages received within the timeframe.

  6. Select each tab and configure additional components for the channel hierarchy.
  7. Select Save.