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Erasure is not necessarily implemented the same way in all cases; organizations are regulated and follow practices appropriate for their industry.

Data subject
  • May request to have their marketing-related PII data removed from Vantage CX databases
Data controller
  • Must remove that data

Data Controller

  • Ensures that PII data in their possession is encrypted, which includes, but is not limited to, the customer confirming that their information has been deleted and is in compliance with their deletion request.
The Vantage CX GDPR solution:
  • Complies with customer requests with regards to Erasure, including batch simulation and customer profile data.
  • Provides a mechanism to extract contact history for a specific customer within a specific time range, including the ability to validate this information.
  • Provides the ability to extract decision logic behind targeted customer messages, including defined data categories.
  • The data erasure APIs enable deletion of persisted data pertinent to the customer profile.
  • Clients should ensure that the application logs and other potential areas where PII data is stored are manually deleted.
  • Erasure includes customer event data.