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June 2021
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After running the segment query, you can review the results as a tree diagram or data set.
  1. Select "" to show or hide the parameter sidebar to make the visualizations larger.
  2. Select Visualization to review the generated tree diagram.
  3. Expand or collapse path nodes to show specific paths.
    You can:
    Action Select
    Select dominant path Select Dominant
    View user paths Expand All or Collapse All to reduce number of paths
    Expand path ""
    Collapse path, after it is expanded ""
    Display number of records "" > Show Count Labels.
    View underlying SQL query Show SQL to review or copy underlying SQL query.
    Reverse Event A and Event B "", then select Run
    Pan and zoom the path diagram Select and drag the path diagram.

    Use the mouse wheel or double-click and Shift+double-click to zoom.
  4. Select Result Data to view the results as a table, ranking each path and showing its overall count.

    You can resort the table by specific column.

  5. Select Attribution to display events attributed to a specific outcome.
    You must select a single Ending pattern to view attribution.
    1. Select Generate Results.
      The system generates a table ranking the events (and their counts) that lead to the ending pattern, including the following:
      • Total count
      • First and last event count
      • Uniform allocation
      • Exponential allocation
    2. Select Show SQL to show the generated SQL for the attribution.
  6. [Optional] You can change the parameters and re-run the analysis. See Creating Analytical Segments and Running Analysis.