Export Customer Data from a Third-Party System Use Case | Vantage CX - 1.4 - Use Case: Building a Customer List Based on Analytical Insights and Exporting the List to Third-party Marketing for Campaign Execution - Vantage Customer Experience

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June 2021
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You can target large lists of customers to send (transfer) to third-party marketing applications or external channels. This allows you to easily generate contact list for marketing campaigns or contact strategies.

  1. Create an SFTP or API connection to the external system.

    You can store and re-use the connection across multiple customer lists. See Connections.

  2. Create an SFTP data integration to define the file formatting and transfer the file to the third-party system, or create an API data integration to define specific endpoints.

    See Data Integrations.

  3. Create a customer list to generate the customer list.

    See Customer Lists.

    To continuously process new customer, schedule the customer list to execute on a recurring basis. See Adding a Schedule to a Workflow or Customer List.