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June 2021
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User Guide
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The Dashboard provides the following:
  • Information on message performance
  • Insight on channels
  • Comparisons to recent time periods

Use the channel and time period selectors to view specific information.

The Dashboard contains the following tiles:
Total message extensions
This chart displays the aggregate count of all message extensions during the selected time period. The message extensions are divided by channel for each hour or day, depending on the timeframe selected.

Hover over an item in the chart to display detailed information by channel. Select a channel in the legend to display or hide the channel in the chart.

Traffic graph
The Traffic graph displays an aggregate count of unique visitors, showing both current values and historical values for the selected time period.

Hover over a day in the graph to display detailed information.

Best and worst performing messages
These lists show the top and bottom ten performing messages from the selected channels. Performance is measured in terms of the response rate, aggregated for all the customers to whom the messages were extended, for the selected time period.
Greatest change in performance
This lists the messages with the greatest change, when compared to the historical values for the selected time period.