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June 2021
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As an Administrator, you can block the simulations from running during high traffic periods. To create an exclusion window:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Select the Organization management.
  3. From the organizations list, select the organization for which you want to set the Exclusion Window.
  4. In the Organizations > Edit Organization page, open the Exclusion Window tab.
    The exclusion window page appears.
  5. Change the timezone by clicking the "", if needed.
    Any changes to the timezone will clear all exclusions in this timezone and you have to recreate them.
  6. Click the "" button to add an exclusion window.
  7. Set the Start and End times in hours:minutes format.The application uses 24 hours format.
  8. Select the days of week when you want to set the exclusion window.
  9. Click SAVE CHANGES.
    You can set multiple exlcusion window timings for the environment.
    If a user attempts to run a simulation during this exclusion time, appropriate message appears.