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Vantage Customer Experience User Guide

Vantage Customer Experience
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June 2021
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User Guide
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English (United States)
Title Description Access Information
Support Configuration Matrix Lists the currently supported Teradata Vantage™ Software versions Contact your Teradata representative
Teradata JDBC Driver Reference Describes how the driver provides access to the database for Java® applications
Vantage Analyst User Guide Describes how to define and run high-volume calculations using rules and workflows, included with Vantage CX


Teradata® CIM - Vantage Customer Experience Integration Guide Describes the Vantage CX and CIM integration points and installation of the integration script


Vantage Customer Experience API Guide Describes how to integrate with Vantage CX through standards APIs leveraging RESTful architecture Contact your Teradata representative
Vantage Customer Experience Installation & Environment Requirements Describes how to install Vantage CX manually using an RPM package Contact your Teradata representative
Vantage Customer Experience Path Analysis Tutorial A step-by-step tutorial showing how to use Vantage CX to prepare the data for path analysis, create a workflow, and more.