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July 2021
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This topic explains how to fill out all the column-level information not categorized as either access or data demographics data.

Sources for the Required Information

The following table points to the sources for the miscellaneous column-level data requested by the Table form.

Information Source
Column name Column name from your logical data model.
PK/FK/ID Primary and foreign key designations from your logical data model.

Identity column designation identified by this step.

Constraint number Constraints form.
PI/SI Primary and secondary index designations identified by this step.
Note the following things about this information.
  • This from is filled out during the logical design phase and you should not define indexes this soon in the process.
  • If you ignore the previous bullet, be aware that neither indexes nor database constraints can be defined on columns that have any of the following data types.
    • BLOB
    • CLOB
    • XML
    • Geospatial
    • Period
    • JSON
  • A table might be a non partitioned NoPI object, and a table or join index might be a column-partitioned object, in which case it would not have a primary index.
Sample data Sample data from your logical data model.