14.06 - Changes and Additions - Server Management

Teradata® Server Management Product Guide

Server Management
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March 2021
Content Type
User Guide
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English (United States)
Date Release Description
March 2021 14.06
  • Added support for host name resolution (ServiceConnect on CMIC only) using the Web Client to access Settings.
  • Changed terminology from Teradata Customer Support to Teradata Services.
December 2020 14.05 Added support for collecting and downloading CMIC support files by using the Web Client to access Server Management Health.
September 2020 14.04 Added support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for as-a-Service customers.
March 2020 14.02 Added a new type of context-sensitive help.
October 2019 14.01 The following features were added to the Web Client:
  • Cabinet and chassis navigation and filtering (Java Client Tree View still available)
  • Options for connecting to a single chassis (Java Client Connect command still available)
  • Chassis Power Off, Power On, and Reset commands (Java Client commands still available)
  • System Problem History View