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March 2021
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The customer LAN connection for the SMWeb CMICs can be protected with an external hardware firewall. This firewall limits the traffic between the CMIC and the client boxes for the customer’s LAN to only those defined ports necessary for operation.

The following table documents which ports and protocols must be opened across the firewall to allow the Java Client to function.

Each active remote session, for example on the Java Client, a client box must have a port in the range 7744-7763 open and accessible for callback from the server.

Port Number/Range Protocol Initiator Description/Service
7744 to 7763 RMI/SSL/TCP Server Exported Remote Interfaces
7757 RMI/SSL/TCP Client RMI Registry Service
7758 to 7759 RMI/SSL/TCP Client Connection Tunnel Service
61618 JMS Server ActiveMQ Messaging