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Server Management
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March 2021
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All communication between the CMICs and the system takes place over the configured Server Management network. For on-premises systems, the Server Management network configuration is comprised of two dedicated redundant Ethernet networks: the primary and secondary networks. For other deployments, a primary network only may be used. Server Management requires static IP assignments for the network IP ranges designated for Server Management use.

The customer can define a specific range to use for each of the Server Management primary, secondary, BYNET, BYNET1, IB0, IB1, and BMC networks, as needed. These specified ranges must be large enough to accommodate all future expansion.

CMIC configuration files define all IP addresses. They also define all network interface adapters, including IP addresses, netmasks, and network types.

Example of a node chassis configuration:

<Chassis idnum=”6”>
	<MEPlugin name="MEPlugin_Node_DELLR720"/>
	<NetAdapter mac="BC305BED6AA4">
		<IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="primary"/>
<NetAdapter mac="BC305BED6AA5">
	<IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="secondary"/>
		<IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="bynet"/>
		<IPv4 addr="" netmask="" type="bmc1"/>