14.06 - Adding Site IDs - Server Management

Teradata® Server Management Product Guide

Server Management
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March 2021
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User Guide
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When you add a site ID, the site ID and host ID are required. During the procedure, you must log in as a member of the REST Users group in Server Management Web Services.
Site ID
Represents a Server Management instance and Teradata Viewpoint can monitor several site IDs. Each site ID can represent a different purpose, such as production, development, and so on.
Host ID
The IP address of the Distributed CMIC.
This procedure assumes you have obtained or verified the names of the site ID and the host ID. Contact the system administrator or Teradata Services if you do not have the names of the site ID and host ID.
  1. From the Teradata Viewpoint portal page, click in the top right corner of the page.
  2. In the Viewpoint Administration menu, select Server Management.
  3. In the SiteIDs header, click to add a site ID.
  4. In the Configure list, click General.
  5. In the Details pane, enter the names of the Site ID and the Host ID.
  6. In the Login pane, enter your REST User login Name and Password.
  7. Click Test.
    If the test is successful, appears. If one of the entries is incorrect, a detailed error message appears.
  8. Click Apply.