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June 2017
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Carrie Ballinger, Implementing Tactical Queries: The Basics, Teradata Database Orange Book 541-0005686A02, 2006.

Carrie Ballinger, Techniques for Tuning Teradata to Support Tactical Query Consistency, Teradata Database Orange Book 541-0005687A02, 2006.

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Tam Ly, No Primary Index (NoPI) Table User’s Guide, Teradata Database Orange Book 541-0007565B02, 2009.

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Paul Sinclair and Carrie Ballinger, Teradata Columnar, Teradata Database Orange Book 541-0009036B02, 2011.

Colin White, “In the Beginning: An RDBMS History,” Teradata Magazine, 4(3):32-39, 2004.