16.10 - Installing the BARPortlets Software Package - Data Stream Extensions

Data Stream Extensions Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
August 2017
DSC, ClientHandler, BARCmdline, and BARPortlets must be on the same version.
DSA Package Installation Directory Notes
barportlets /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portlets/barportlets You must install the BAR portlets on the Viewpoint server.
Do not use / or /usr as the installation directory. The permissions for the specified directory are modified so that the service user can access the directory.
  1. If this is an upgrade, you must remove the existing package first: Go to /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portlets/barportlets.

    rpm -e BARPortlets_linux_arch.xx.xx.xx.xx-######

  2. On the Viewpoint server, unzip and extract the script rpm file:
    tar xvf barportlets_xx.xx.xx.xx-1.noarch.tar.gz
    xx.xx.xx.xx is the version number.
    A directory with the format barportlets.xx.xx.xx.xx is extracted in the current working directory.
  3. Run the installation script from the extracted directory, where xx.xx.xx.xx is the version number. rpm -i barportlets.xx.xx.xx.xx-1.noarch.rpm
  4. [Optional] Verify the BAR portlets by entering: rpm -qa |grep barportlets
  5. If this is an upgrade, restart Viewpoint. /etc/init.d/viewpoint restart
  6. If this is an upgrade and the DSC server is not available, go to Adding a DSC Server and add the DSC manually.