16.10 - Adding or Updating a NetBackup Server - Data Stream Architecture - Data Stream Extensions

Data Stream Extensions Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
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August 2017
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When using a NetBackup server to back up and restore data, you must add and configure it using the BAR Setup portlet.
System names and open file limits are tied to media servers during the target group configuration.
  1. From the DSC Servers list, select your DSC server.
  2. From the Categories list, click Backup Solutions.
  3. From the Solutions list, click NetBackup.
  4. Click next to Servers.
  5. Under NetBackup Details, enter the following:
    Option Description
    Nickname Alphanumeric characters and underscores, but no spaces, max characters 32
    Server Name (IP/DNS) Server IP address or DNS
    Policy Name Policy class name, max characters 128, alphanumeric and underscores
    Storage devices 1 - 999
  6. Click after Storage devices to add more policies.
  7. Click Apply.