16.10 - Adding or Editing a Teradata System - Data Stream Architecture - Data Stream Extensions

Data Stream Extensions Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
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August 2017
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Add and enable Teradata Database systems in the Monitored Systems portlet to make them available in the BAR Setup portlet. Under Setup > General, add the DSC and under Setup > Data Collectors enable the Dictionary collector.
You must configure the systems, backup solutions, and target groups in the BAR Setup portlet before creating jobs in the BAR Operations portlet.
Nodes are configured through autodiscovery. You can view but not edit them.
  1. Open the BAR Setup portlet.
  2. From the DSC Servers list, select your DSC server.
  3. From the Categories list, click Systems and Nodes.
  4. To edit an existing system, select the name under Systems.
  5. To add a new system:
    1. Click next to Systems.
    2. Select Add Teradata System.
  6. Under System Details, enter the following:
    Option Description
    System Name [Adding a new system] Choose the system from the drop-down list.
    You can add a system from the Monitored Systems portlet.
    System [Optional] When editing a system, to change the system selector, click Update. The credentials to the system are verified before the update can occur.
    You must stop and start DSMain in Teradata Database after changing the system selector.
    SSL Communication [Optional] Select the Enable SSL over JMS Communication checkbox to enable SSL communication.
    You must add the TrustStore password created during SSL setup. You must stop and start DSMain in Teradata Database after enabling SSL communication.
    Default Stream Limits For Nodes Set the default limits for each node configured with the system. For each node is the maximum number of concurrent steams allowed per node. For each job on a node is the maximum number of concurrent streams allowed for each job on the node.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Using the following commands, restart DSMain on the target system:
    1. From Node 1, run cnsterm 6.
    2. Enter start bardsmain –s -d dsc_name (this stops DSMain on the target system).
      The -d dsc_name parameter applies to Teradata Database 16.0 or later.
    3. Enter start bardsmain (this starts DSMain).
    4. Enter start bardsmain -j (this shows the status of the connections).
    The system is automatically enabled.
  9. The repository backup system is preconfigured on the portlet, but you must run the Update on the System Selector, restart bardsmain on the DSC repository, and then click Apply to activate the system for use.