16.10 - Creating an Incident - Data Stream Extensions

Data Stream Extensions Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
August 2017
You must obtain an Incident number from the Teradata Support prior to performing any software upgrades.
  1. On your Windows PC, open a web browser and go to the Teradata Support at https://access.teradata.com and log in.
  2. Click Create Incident.
  3. Make the following selections as appropriate:
    Click the green arrows to move forward or back in the selection screens.
    Option Description
    Site The site where the activity will be performed.
    Priority The Priority of the issue.
    Product Area The area of the system where the issue is located or where work will be performed.
    Problem Type A list of Problem Types.
    Synopsis A short Synopsis of the activity being performed.
    Description A short description of the activity being performed.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click OK to confirm the submission of the incident. The incident is added to the list of Incidents. The Status shows Pending (a blue circle) until Customer Services accepts the incident, at which time the Status becomes Active (a green circle).