16.10 - Display of Incompatible Object Names and Literals - Teradata Database

Teradata Database International Character Set Support

Teradata Database
June 2017
User Guide

Object names and literals returned by HELP and SHOW statements, and by requests that specify the EXPLAIN modifier, may not be sharable among clients with differing client (session) character sets.

  • For SQL SHOW and EXPLAIN, any literals and object names that include characters not in the repertoire of the session character set, or that are otherwise unprintable, are shown as UNICODE delimited literals or identifiers. Specific incompatible characters are escaped to hexadecimal.
  • For SQL HELP, the Column SQL Name and Title fields identify names/strings containing characters that are not translatable into the client character set, and show replacement characters for individual untranslatable characters.

For details, see SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples.

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