16.10 - Naming a Custom Character Set - Teradata Database

Teradata Database International Character Set Support

Teradata Database
June 2017
User Guide

Each custom character set must have a unique name (CharSetName), 1-30 characters in length, in the form:



CHARACTERSETNAME identifies the character set.

  • The name must begin with an unaccented, uppercase Roman letter.
  • The rest of the name can use only unaccented uppercase Roman letters, digits, the underscore, the dollar sign, or the number sign.

_0x is the suffix (required), composed of a _ (LOWLINE) character, followed by a numeric character and then an alpha character.

  • The numeric character must be zero. Other values are reserved for future use.
  • The alpha character indicates the type of encoding used in the character set, as shown in the following table:
Code Description
a Single-byte character ASCII.
e Single-byte character EBCDIC.
i IBM (SO/SI style) mixed character single- and multibyte characters.
u EUC mixed character single-byte characters/multibyte characters.
s Shift-JIS mixed character single-byte characters/multibyte characters and graphic multibyte characters.
b-d, f-h, j-r, t, v-z Single- and multibyte extended site-defined character sets.

For example, the suffix _0i in the name KANJIEBCDIC5026_0i implies IBM mixed single- and multibyte characters.

Common character set names, such as ASCII, EBCDIC and UTF8 cannot be used for site-defined character sets. It also recognizes the special character set name KATAKANAEDBCDIC that is used to specify characteristics similar to the suffix “_0i”. Other site-defined character set names are given characteristics as if the name ends in either “_0a” or “_0e”.

Referencing a Client Character Set Name

The suffix is part of the client character set name. The complete name must be included in any references to the character set, for example, in a BTEQ SET SESSION CHARSET command.