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The Summary Report provides details about the secondary index counts and recommendation counts made in a specific analysis for all tables in the workload. This report is created after a workload is analyzed.

The footnote on the report shows the statement count in the workload, number of tables accessed by the workload, and the time analysis.

The report also shows the table name in which the index must be created or dropped and the DDL statement for creating/dropping the index.

The statement text of the query ID can be viewed by right-clicking the QueryID column.

  • Select Reports > Create Workload > Summary Report.
  • The following table explains the information in this report.


    Column Name


    Analysis Type

    Shows the type of analysis

    Query ID

    The ID assigned to the query.

    Database Name

    Shows the name of the database.

    Table Name

    Shows the name of the table.

    No. of Secondary Indexes

    Shows the number of existing secondary indexes.

    No. of Join Indexes

    Shows the number of existing join indexes.

    No. of Index Recommendations

    Shows the number of index recommendations provided for the particular table.

    To view the DDL for the index recommendations, right-click on No. of Index Recommendations.