15.10 - Command Line Options for Index Analysis Inputs to Index Wizard - Teradata Index Wizard

Teradata Index Wizard User Guide

Teradata Index Wizard
User Guide

The list of command line arguments for specifying the input parameters for index analysis are described in the following table (all options are case-sensitive).


Table 15: Command Line Options for Index Inputs to the Wizard 

GUI Option

Command Line options


Index name tag

-i <IndexNameTag>

<IndexNameTag> is the name with which the index recommendations are saved in the QCD.

QCD Name

-q <QCD Name>

<QCD Name> is the QCD on which the analysis must be performed.

Workload Name

-w <Workload Name>

<Workload Name> is the workload, which must be analyzed.

Table list

-TB "<TableName>" [{, "<TableName>"}…]

<Table name> is the table name for which indexes have to be recommended. This is optional.

Keep existing indexes


Used to keep the existing indexes in the tables of the workload.

Maximum columns per index

-MC <number>

<number> is the maximum number of columns in an index (between 1 and 16). This is optional.

Maximum columns per join index

-JC <number>

<number> is the maximum number of columns in a join index (between 1 and 16).

Maximum index per table

-MI <number>

<number> is the maximum number of indexes per table (between 1 and 32). This is optional.

Maximum number of candidates to be searched

-SS <number>

<number> is the maximum candidates to be searched (between 128 and 512). This is optional.


-t <Time Limit>

<Time Limit> is the number of minutes the analysis will be performed.

Threshold change rate

-CR <number>

<number> is the change rate below which the columns would be considered for indexes (between 0 and 9). This is optional.

Index maintenance mode

-IM <number>

<number> is the index maintenance mode value. Choose from the following values:

  • 0 = Off
  • 1 = Report Only
  • 2 = Evaluate
  • For a description of these values, see “To set advanced index parameters” on page 83.

    This is optional.

    Restart parameters

    -ch <CheckpointFrequency>

    <CheckpointFrequency> is the number of queries analyzed after which the checkpoint information is saved in the QCD.