15.10 - Viewing Reports from Other Workloads - Teradata Index Wizard

Teradata Index Wizard User Guide

Teradata Index Wizard
User Guide

Use the View Reports dialog box to view reports created from other workloads. You can also use the Report button to open the Reports menu.

1 Click Reports > Select Workload.

The View Reports dialog box appears.

2 Select the QCD name, Workload, and Index Tag or click to search.

3 The workload appears in the field. To view the statement text, right-click the workload statements in the field.

4 Click OK.

The report opens.

The following table explains the dialog box options.




QCD Name

Displays the name of the QCD. Click to search.

Workload Name

Displays the list of workloads in the QCD.

Index Analysis

Displays the Index tags for the workload, if present.

Partition Analysis

Displays the Partition tags for the workload, if present.

Statement Id

Displays the statement IDs of the statements in the workload.


Displays the frequency of the statements as defined in the workload.

Statement Text

Displays the text of the statements in the workload.

View Report

Selects the report to be viewed.