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The Workload Analysis Report shows the cost estimate of a workload and the relative execution cost of a workload compared to the entire workload, statement text, frequency, and column types. The report also shows the tables and columns referenced, statements with clauses, and columns with join conditions.

Note: For each statement, multiple rows exist in the report, one row per table.

This report is created when a workload is defined.

  • Select Reports > Current Workload > Workload Analysis Report.
  • The following table explains the information in this report.


    Column Name


    Statement Type

    Shows the type of the statement.

    Cost Estimate

    Shows the original cost of the statement with the recommended indexes.

    Relative Cost

    Shows the execution cost of the statement with respect to the execution cost of the entire workload.

    Database Name

    Shows the name of the database used to generate the report.

    Table Name

    Shows the tables accessed by the statement.

    Value Access Columns

    Shows the columns accessed by the statement in the table.

    Join Columns

    Shows the columns that are used in join conditions in the statements.

    Range Access Columns

    Shows the columns accessed in range condition.


    Shows the frequency of the statement.

    Statement Text

    Shows the text of the SQL statement.