15.10 - Index Recommendation Report - Teradata Index Wizard

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The Index Recommendation Report shows the recommended secondary index for each table if one is recommended. Use the information in this table to help you make a decision about whether the index recommended is appropriate or not. The report also suggests indexes that can be dropped.

The statistics used for the analysis are saved in the Index Recommendations table.

This report is created after a workload is analyzed.

  • Select Reports > Current Workload > Index Recommendation...
  • The following table describes the information provided in the report.


    Column Name


    Database Name

    Shows the database for the table.

    Table Name

    Shows the name of the table on which the index was recommended.

    Index Type

    Shows the type of index recommended, for example a Hash-Ordered Secondary Index.

    Time Estimate

    Shows the time estimate to actually create the recommended index.

    Note: This is an empty string for partition analysis recommendations.

    Index DDL

    Shows the DDL statement text used to create/drop the index.

    Stats DDL

    Shows the DDL statements used to collect statistics.