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The Index Maintenance Cost Report shows the estimated cost of maintaining recommended indexes for a particular recommendation ID on a workload. This report contains a row for every SQL statement and recommended index combination where maintenance costs are required for the index.

Note: This is not applicable for Partition Analysis.

This report is created after a workload is analyzed.

  • Select Reports > Current Workload > Index Maintenance Cost Report.
  • The following table describes the information provided in the report.

    Note: This report will not contain any rows if none of the recommended indexes require any maintenance cost.


    Column Name


    Database Name

    Name of the database in which base table name is defined.

    Table Name

    The base table in the IndexRecommendations table on which the index is defined.


    The QueryID value of the SQL UPDATE statement.

    To view the corresponding workload statement, right-click on the QueryID.

    Index Type

    The type of recommended index.

    Maintenance Cost

    Estimated cost for updating the index structures.

    Index DDL

    The DDL statement text of the recommended index.