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Using DELETE in Import Tasks

DELETE is a Teradata SQL statement that removes rows from a table or view that was previously identified as a target table through the use of the TD_TARGET_TABLE attribute.

The rules for using the DELETE statement in Stream import tasks are:

  • You can apply DELETE statements to either a table or a view, provided that the view does not specify a join
  • The number of input data records is unlimited
  • You must specify equality values for all the primary index columns in the WHERE clause
  • You cannot use the OR construct in the WHERE clause of a DELETE statement. Instead, use two separate DELETE statement.
  • The procedure for using the DELETE statement in a Stream import task is:

    1 Add a DELETE statement to a DML group

    2 Add the DML group to the Connection object

    3 Initiate the Connection object

    4 Set the DML group containing the DELETE statement using the UseDMLGroups function

    5 Make at least one call to the PutRow function

    If the DML group only contains a DELETE statement, then no data will be loaded as a result of the PutRow function call.

    6 Call the EndAcquisition function

    7 Terminate the Connection object

    Note: If no row in the target table matches the DELETE statement, then the row of data sent with the DELETE statement will be put into the error table.