15.10 - Changes to This Book - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface

Parallel Transporter
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Changes to This Book

The following changes were made to this book in support of the current release. Changes are marked with change bars. For a complete list of changes to the product, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities Release Definition associated with this release.


Date and Release


March 2015

Teradata PT API: Export, Load, and Update operators to support FastFail feature.

Remove the -255 value for the NUMBER data type in the TPT API Programmer Guide.

Remove information on "tptvalidate" from Teradata PT API documentation.

Teradata PT API support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) datatype.

[Improve the usage notes of TPTAPI "runsamp" precompiled application in the Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface Programmer Guide.

TPTAPI to support LOB data type for Update operator.

Add new event type “TD_BlockCount64” for TPTAPI.

Report throughput per session as an event in TPTAPI.

Report node connected per session through a TPTAPI event.

Update Visual Studio Solution Files in all the TPTAPI sample applications for Windows platforms.