15.10 - Parallel Errors - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface

Parallel Transporter
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Parallel Errors

Errors can be reported by both master and slave instances. If an error occurs, the instance which discovered the error is responsible for calling the GetErrorInfo function to retrieve the detailed error information. If one or more instances fail, then all instances need to terminate immediately.

If any of the instances, master or slave, receive the TD_Call_EndAcq status code, all instances should immediately proceed to call the EndAcquisition function. The TD_Call_EndAcq status code indicates that there is an error which requires that the acquisition method be aborted. Upon completing the calls to the EndAcquisition function, the instance(s) which received the TD_Call_EndAcq status code will be returned an error code for the problem which caused the acquisition method to abort. At this time, these instances will be able to retrieve additional error information relating to this error code through the use of the GetErrorInfo function. After calling the EndAcquisition function and retrieving error information, all instances should proceed to call the Terminate function and end the job.