15.10 - Chapter 5 Stream Driver - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface

Parallel Transporter
Programming Reference

The Stream driver uses Teradata TPump protocol to perform high‑speed DML transactions in a near‑real‑time mode on tables while the tables are being queried.

Using multiple sessions to load data, the Stream driver allows parallel inserts, updates, deletes, and upserts to empty or preexisting Teradata Database tables.

The Stream driver provides an alternative to the Update driver for the maintenance of large databases under control of a Teradata Database. Unlike the Update driver, the Stream driver allows access to the database and does not lock the target tables being updated so that interactive read and write activities can be performed concurrently.

The Stream driver also uses standard SQL/DML to maintain data in up to 128 tables at a time. Row level locking, as used in the Stream driver SQL transactions, allows constant load operations in the background during normal system use without locking target tables. It has the same restart ability, portability, and scalability as the Update driver. Learn more about the Stream driver in this chapter’s main sections: