15.10 - Session Limits - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface

Parallel Transporter
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Session Limits

The values that are specified with the Export driver TD_MAX_SESSIONS and TD_MIN_SESSIONS attributes are not the only factors limiting the number of sessions that the Export driver establishes with the Teradata Database.

The other limiting factors are:

  • The Teradata Database limit of one session per AMP.
  • The platform limit on the maximum number of sessions per application. This value is defined in the COP Interface software file, clispb.dat, under the max_num_sess variable. You can use the TDP SET MAXSESSIONS command to specify a platform limit. The default TDP MAXSESS value is 1024 sessions.
  • The limit of the network protocol software on network-attached systems. When the Export driver executes, the actual session limit is determined by whichever limiting factor is encountered first.
  • Note: The Export driver will terminate with an error message if one or more instance cannot log on.