15.10 - Tuning the Pack Factor - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface

Parallel Transporter
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Tuning the Pack Factor

Packing multiple-statement requests improves network/channel efficiency by reducing the number of sends and receives between the application and the Teradata Database.

To determine the ideal pack factor to specify in the Pack attribute, first use the PackMaximum attribute by setting it to Yes. Setting this attribute to Yes on the first job run sets up iterative interactions with the Teradata Database to heuristically determine the maximum possible pack factor.

At the end of the run, this value is displayed in the logged output for the Stream driver. The value determined should then be specified in the Pack attribute on subsequent runs and PackMaximum should be set to No.

Alternatively, query the TD_Evt_PackFactor event after initiating a connection and before terminating it to retrieve the pack factor currently in use.