17.10 - XSLTTRANSFORM Syntax - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Syntax Elements

The stylesheet as an XML value.
xsl must be an XML type. If xsl is NULL, XSLTTRANSFORM returns NULL.
The XSLTTRANSFORM method accepts an XSLT stylesheet as a parameter and transforms the XML value by applying the stylesheet. The xsl stylesheet should be stored as an XML type value in a table with a unique identifier associated with it. When invoking this method, you can join the stylesheet table and specify the stylesheet by its unique identifier in the WHERE clause.
If the xsl stylesheet is composed of a single stylesheet document (the stylesheet document does not include another stylesheet document), you can pass the stylesheet document as an XML type value to this method.
If the xsl stylesheet consists of more than one document, then do the following:
  1. Use the Schema and Stylesheet Consolidation utility to consolidate the stylesheet document.
  2. Pass the consolidated stylesheet document as an XML type value to this method.
The parameters for stylesheet processing as semicolon separated name=value pairs. The semicolons in the values are escaped as ;;.
parammap must be VARCHAR(n), where the maximum supported size (n) is 8192.