17.10 - Example: Using XMLTABLE With the default_clause - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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This example illustrates the use of the default_clause in column definitions. The path for customerName is modified to one that does not match the document structure. The default value is returned for the customer name.

FROM (SELECT * FROM customer WHERE customerID = 1) AS C,
   XMLTable (
      PASSING C.customerXML
         "Seqno" FOR ORDINALITY,
         "CustomerName" VARCHAR(64) PATH '../../NonExistentNode' DEFAULT 'John Doe',
         "OrderNumber" VARCHAR(32) PATH '../@Number',
         "OrderDate" DATE PATH '../@Date',
         "ItemID" VARCHAR(12) PATH '@ID',
         "Quantity" INTEGER PATH 'Quantity',
         "UnitPrice" DECIMAL(9,2),
         "TotalPrice" DECIMAL(9,2) PATH 'Price'
   ) AS X ("Sequence #", "Customer Name", "Order #", "Order Date", "Item ID", "Qty", "Unit Price", "Total Price");

The result of the query is:

Sequence #  Customer Name  Order #      Order Date  Item ID  Qty  Unit Price  Total Price
         1  John Doe       NW-01-16366   12/02/28    001      10       29.50     295.00
         2  John Doe       NW-01-16366   12/02/28    101       1      139.99     139.99