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July 2021
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The following is a sample consolidated stylesheet document:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   stylesheetURI="http://www.example.com/stylesheeturi" >
   <ComponentStylesheet locationURI="http://example.com/stylesheeturi"
      <xsl:stylesheet  …>
   <ComponentStylesheet locationURI="../xslt/includedstylesheet1.xsl"
      <xsl:stylesheet  …>

The ConsolidatedStylesheet element is the document element for the consolidated stylesheet document. It is the envelope that contains the individual component stylesheets. Each component is wrapped in a ComponentStylesheet element which includes a locationURI attribute. The base stylesheet has a stylesheetURI attribute whose value matches the locationURI of one of the components. The stylesheet is compiled starting at this component, and stylesheet includes occurring in that stylesheet are resolved using the locationURI attribute on the ComponentStylesheet elements.