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Teradata Vantage™ Cloud Service Description Consumption for Vantage on AWS

Teradata Vantage on AWS
September 2020
Cloud Service Description

Teradata collects and stores usage data to monitor, evaluate, and report system status and performance. Teradata uses this data to determine how you use our software, access functions, and perform analytics. Teradata does not collect any sensitive or personally identifiable data, nor any data values you enter into your Vantage system.

You can enable log features during onboarding to monitor Teradata processing activities.

To monitor system consumption, the Cloud Operations team requires continuous access to your system compute resources. If you do not grant this level of access or if you turn it off, you will owe the full amount of the deployed system as if it were running 24/7 for the entire month. If you do not reinstate access before the start of the next month, Teradata reserves the right to terminate the service.

To monitor your consumption, the Consumption operations team installs and configures a collection user account – VODUSER – with SELECT grant access to the consumption telemetry data collected through two primary utilities: Database Query Log (DBQL) for logging and Performance Data Collection Reporting (PDCR) for reporting. The DBQL and PDCR logs must retain a minimum of four months of current data.

VODUSER has grant access to the following views:

  • pdcrinfo.vod_dbqlogtbl
  • pdcrinfo.vod_dbqlutilitytbl
  • pdcrinfo.vod_tables
  • pdcrinfo.resusagespma_hst
  • dbc.tablesizev