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June 2017
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LdapClientTlsCipherSuite specifies the ciphers and cipher preference order that TDGSS accepts from OpenSSL, for use in the token exchange during directory user authentication.

Do not use this property without a full understanding of the effects of specifying a particular cipher. If you are not sure about the effect of this property, contact Teradata Professional Services for assistance.

Valid Settings

Setting Description
"" (default) No ciphers are specified. Causes OpenLdap to use its default cipher suite.
A custom list of ciphers Consult OpenSSL documentation for cipher list requirements.

Supporting Mechanisms for LdapClientTlsCipherSuite

Mechanisms that are not listed in the table do not support this property. The Property Editable column indicates if the setting for a property may be edited.
Mechanism Property Editable?
KRB5 May Be Edited
To set a value you must manually add this property to the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml for the needed mechanisms. See About Editing Configuration Files.

Editing Guidelines

  • Before you configure this property, use the command openssl ciphers -v ALL to obtain a list of ciphers available from OpenSSL.
  • If you configure this property, use a colon-separated list of ciphers, in preference order. The list must be in accordance with OpenSSL documentation.
  • You can specify HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, EXPORT, or EXPORT40 (instead of cipher names) to indicate a strength range for acceptable ciphers.
  • You can specify TLSv1, SSLv3, or SSLv2 to indicate a cipher suite.
  • If you decide to configure this property, edit the value for all mechanisms that have the AuthorizationSupported property set to yes.
  • Edit this property on the database and the Unity server, if used. Also see Coordinating Mechanism Property Values for Unity.