16.10 - Developing a Teradata Database Security Policy - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

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June 2017
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After you decide on a Teradata Database security strategy, you should document a formal security policy, including:

  • An overview of site security needs
  • A description of the security procedures that meet the needs
  • Specifics of the Teradata Database security implementation, including:
    • A brief overview of the Teradata Database security functions
    • A list of required security procedures and actions, who is responsible for them, and who they are likely to affect
    • Explanation of the authentication and authorization strategy, including logon options, such as single sign-on
    • Database monitoring and auditing principles
    • Database security restrictions and management policy for security violations
  • A list of contacts who can answer security questions

Depending on the complexity of your security implementation, you may also want to create a user-level instruction sheet or handbook that describes user security requirements, procedures, and restrictions.