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June 2017
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If the service defined by the LdapServiceFQDN property requires a password, you must configure the LdapServicePassword property. See LdapServiceFQDN.

You can encrypt the LdapServicePassword using the LdapServicePasswordProtected property, as shown in LdapServicePasswordProtected.

Valid Settings

Setting Description
no (default) The system does not use service binds, or if it does use service binds, a password is not required.
A password The password for the service defined by the LdapServiceFQDN property.

The password for the service FQDN, if a password is required.

Supporting Mechanisms for LdapServicePassword

The LdapServicePassword property is usable only for mechanisms that support service binds.

Mechanisms that are not listed in the table do not support this property. The Property Editable column indicates if the setting for a property may be edited.
Mechanism Property Editable?
KRB5 May Be Edited
To set a value, you must manually add this property to the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml on needed mechanisms. See About Editing Configuration Files.

Editing Guidelines

  • Edit this property on the database and on Unity, if used. Also see Coordinating Mechanism Property Values.
  • If you do not specify a password, the system assumes that no password is required.
  • If you configure LdapServicePassword, you must also configure LdapServiceFQDN.
  • If you use this property to specify a service password, note that the password appears in the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml in plain text. To protect the LdapServicePassword, set the LdapServicePasswordProtected property to yes.