16.10 - To Set Up a Zone for Testing - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

Teradata Database
June 2017

Following are the steps that you can take to set up a zone for testing (a sandbox).

  1. A DBA with the appropriate privileges creates a database.

    For information about how to create a database, see Database Administration and SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples.

  2. A DBA with CREATE ZONE privileges creates a zone with the new database as its root.
    CREATE ZONE  zone_name  ROOT  root_db_name  ;
  3. The creator of the zone creates a primary DBA from the root database.
    CREATE USER  DBA_user_name  FROM  database_name  ... ;
  4. The creator of the zone creates zone guests from the existing users that want to test in the zone. The following SQL syntax can be used to create zone guests:
    GRANT ZONE  zone_name  TO  user_or_role_name_list  ;
  5. The primary DBA for the zone grants the zone guests any privileges that they need to do experiments, prototyping, and so on in the sandbox zone. For example:
    GRANT TABLE ON  root_db_name  TO  list_of_sandbox_zone_users;
  6. When testing is completed, the zone creator should drop the zone. Before a zone can be dropped, the following tasks must be performed:
    • The primary DBA should drop all zone database objects.
    • The zone creator (administrator ) should revoke zone access privilege from the zone guests.
    • The zone creator (administrator) should drop the primary DBA.
    • The zone creator (administrator) should drop the zone root.