16.10 - Adding a Primary DBA to a Zone - Teradata Database

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June 2017
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English (United States)

Only the zone creator can add the primary DBA user to a zone. This user cannot be a part of any other zone.

If the zone creator creates the root of the zone on a user, that user automatically becomes the zone’s primary DBA. This user must be an existing user who has no preexisting objects, descendants, roles, profiles, or grants.

If the zone creator creates the root of the zone on a database, the zone creator must use the following syntax to create the primary DBA user:

CREATE USER  DBA_user_name  FROM  database_name  ... ;

The database_name is the name of the database that the zone was created on.

You can add other valid syntax after the AS clause. For information about the CREATE USER syntax, see SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples.