16.10 - SingleSignOnSupported - Teradata Database

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June 2017
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English (United States)

This property indicates whether or not the mechanism supports Single Sign-on.

Valid Settings

The preset value is the only valid setting for this property.

Setting Description
yes The mechanism supports single sign-on (the default for mechanisms that support the property).
no The mechanism does not support single sign-on (the default for mechanisms that do not support the property).

Supporting Mechanisms for SingleSignOnSupported

Mechanisms that are not listed in the table do not support this property. The Property Editable column indicates if the setting for a property may be edited.
Mechanism Property Editable?
KRB5 Do Not Edit

Editing Guidelines

  • This property only indicates mechanism capability. The system ignores the value of this property if it is not the preset value.
  • Do not use this property to enable or disable single sign-on. See About External Authentication for instructions.
  • Do not modify the TDNEGO setting for this property.