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June 2017
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The Algorithms section of the TDGSS Library lists the algorithms available to support confidentiality, integrity, and key exchange functions.

Each algorithm takes its name from the AlgorithmName section of the TDGSS configuration.

Each algorithm contains a common set of attributes and values that define the algorithm function. Some attributes do not apply to some algorithm types, and some attributes may have more than one valid value.

The Quality of Protection (QOP) typically uses three of these algorithms to define each QOP type: a confidentiality algorithm, an integrity algorithm, and a key exchange algorithm.

Do not modify preset algorithm configurations.

Attribute Description
AlgorithmName The name of the algorithm. See AlgorithmName.
AlgorithmType The function of the algorithm. See AlgorithmType
LibraryName The name of the library with the code that implements the algorithm.

The LibraryName does not include the prefix or extension, which may be part of the actual file name.

Prefix To avoid naming problems, in any given mechanism library, a prefix replaces tdgss in all the function names.

The configuration file uses the prefix to help TDGSS properly construct function names.

KeyLength The encryption key lengths, in bits, which the algorithm supports. See KeyLength
Mode The encryption modes supported by the algorithm. See Mode.
Padding The encryption padding types supported by the algorithm. See Padding.