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June 2017
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The Padding class lists the encryption padding types supported by TDGSS. The Quality of Protection (QOP) sections of TDGSS use the encryption padding types described in this list.

If you run any Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE) on your system, the encryption padding must be one of the types supported by TDGSS.
Padding Type Description
No Padding The algorithm does not use encryption.
OAEPWithDIGESTAndMGFPadding Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding with DIGEST function and Mask Generation function, for Java.

Deprecated for new implementations.

PKCS1 Padding Public Key Cryptography Standard 1.

Deprecated for new implementations.

PKCS5 Padding Public Key Cryptography Standard 5
SSL3 Padding Secure Sockets Layer

A protocol that allows two parties to authenticate and establish a session key to encrypt the rest of the session.

Deprecated for new implementations.

This list of supported encryption padding types only changes if you install a new release of TDGSS that supports a different set of padding types.