16.10 - Setting Global LDAP Protection Properties - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

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June 2017
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English (United States)

LDAP protection properties set Teradata GSS protection parameters for LDAP and Kerberos external authentication.

These properties are optional, but Teradata strongly recommends the use of SSL or TLS protection on all systems that use simple binds. Some or all of the following properties may apply, depending on implementation.

  • LdapClientUseTls
  • LdapClientTlsCACert
  • LdapClientTlsCACertDir
  • LdapClientTlsCert
  • LdapClientTlsKey
  • LdapClientTlsRandFile
  • LdapClientTlsReqCert
  • LdapClientTlsCipherSuite
  • LdapClientTlsCRLCheck
  • LdapServicePasswordProtected
  • LdapClientSaslSecProps
  • LdapAllowUnsafeServerConnect

The settings can apply to all external authentication methods, and must be set in each authentication mechanism for which the protection is used.

For information on protection, see SSL/TLS Protection Options.

For configuration instructions, see the mechanism properties listed above in TDGSS Configuration Files, Valid Settings, and Editing Guidelines.