16.10 - Creating Profiles - Teradata Database

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June 2017
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Create database profiles using the CREATE PROFILE statement, for example:

CREATE PROFILE  profile_name  AS
  ACCOUNT = [‘account_str1’...,’account_str2’],
  DEFAULT DATABASE =  database_name,
  SPOOL =  spool_space,
  TEMPORARY =  temp_space,
    (attribute  =  value,
     attribute  =  value...)
  QUERY_BAND = ‘pair_name=pair_value;[...]’ [[NOT] DEFAULT];


Syntax Element Description
profile_name Required. The name of the profile.

Recommendation: Where possible, incorporate parameters such as the user type or user department into the profile name to identify the profile function.

‘account_str1’...,’account_str2’ Optional. The database uses account string specifications for user job tracking and to prioritize user requests.

Enter one or more account strings based on the account setup suggestions shown in Database Administration.

DEFAULT DATABASE = database_name Optional. The database the user is most likely to access.

Recommendation: Specify the default database at the user level rather than in the profile, to allow for differences in profile member (user) requirements.

The database must exist before you identify it as the default.
spool_space Optional. The maximum amount of space available for intermediate query results, volatile tables, or formatted answer sets to queries. The system borrows spool space from unused system perm space, such as the spool reserve shown in Creating the Spool Space Reserve.

Recommendation: Specify approximately 20% of the perm space available to the largest database the user accesses.

Periodically monitor spool usage and modify spool allocations where required, as described in Database Administration.

temp_space Optional. Required only when using global temporary tables and other features that require temporary space.

For information, see Database Administration.

PASSWORD = (attribute = value,attribute = value ...) Optional. Specify values for password control attributes if profile members cannot use default values.

For available options, see About Password Controls.

QUERY_BAND = ‘pair_name=pair_value;[...]’ [[NOT] DEFAULT] Optional. Set a default query band in a profile for tracking and controlling system usage. The profile query band is automatically set for the session at logon time.

For more information, see Using a Profile to Set a Default Query Band and SQL Data Definition Language.

For complete CREATE PROFILE syntax and options, see SQL Data Definition Language.