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June 2017
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The following lists the limitations in TeraGSS:

  • There is no LDAP server-side support in TTU 16.10 and later. Configuring LDAP properties in the LDAP mechanism or configuring an <LdapConfig> section can no longer be done.
  • There is no client side support for the SPNEGO mechanism in TTU. This mechanism is present only in TDGSS to support the Teradata .NET Data Provider. So, you cannot configure SPNEGO using teragssAdmin on the client.
  • There is no support for the PROXY mechanism in TTU. This mechanism is present only in TDGSS to support Unity. Unity now uses TDGSS rather than TeraGSS. See the Unity documentation set for more information on configuring and managing PROXY: Teradata Unity Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers (B035-2523) and Teradata Unity User Guide (B035-2520).
  • TTU now provides configuration to set the preferred default TeraGSS authentication mechanism on a per-client machine basis. While setting the default mechanism is still possible with TeraGSS, the preferred method is to configure TTU rather than TeraGSS. See the Teradata Tools and Utilities documentation for more information.
  • The TD1, NTLM, NTLMC, and KRB5C compatibility mechanisms are deprecated and have been removed.